Before the program, I had recently finished school. I mainly focused on trying to find summer activities as well as prepare for my upcoming student expedition with National Geographic to Belize. This exclusive experience presented me with opportunity to experience Manhattan in a way that I didn't think was possible.

The Tolerance Museum was a traumatizing, yet intriguing experience because it vividly paints an image of tolerant and intolerant events that have occurred throughout history. The raw accountants abruptly made us aware of the blatant racism and hatred that occurs in our society, and it developed a sense within us that something needs to be done. Tolerance is a limited trait in todays’ society, and it is essential to the survival of the human race that we quickly learn ways to coexist, looking past our differences. Even though witnessing the struggle against intolerance was frustrating, seeing how much more tolerance today’s society has now compared to the past was awe-inspiring because restores faith in humanity, and that we are able to help each other.


In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we viewed the Cyrus Cylinder, a small artifact that has had a lasting impact for over two thousand years.. The Museum has very limited advertisement concerning this piece, and provides no tours to educate the public. The majority of the people have no knowledge of such a piece even existing in history, and this is unfair to the people as well as the artifact. This exhibit should be advertised and taught to hopefully educate the public about the basis of all human rights standards that are in effect today. This artifact’s effect can even be felt in modern day, as well as traced through history in diplomatic relations and law codes that have established in the past. This artifact has had a truly resonating impact on the world and the level of ignorance towards it is truly astonishing

The MMSY Program also allowed the members of the group to express their pride and importance of their own cultural backgrounds. This was a learning experience, and through it tolerance was developed as a deeper understanding of the people around us developed.

I am very grateful to have been able to be apart of the MMSY Program. It has truly opened my eyes to the world around me. I was not only able to make new friends and experience the city in a completely new way; I became more aware of the traditions of my city and the cultures of my peers. Until this program, I took for granted the fusion of culture that is omnipresent in day-to-day life. Now I can recognize the interaction of different people to create something beautiful and culturally diverse. In the future, I will be more open towards learning about more cultures, and I will be more accepting and try my hardest to coexist with every human being on this earth.



ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights