The week before joining the program, I was volunteering at the Cody Gifford House subdivision of an organization called Association to Benefit Children. While it was an amazing experience, I was looking for other things to do over the summer and started looking into summer programs that interested me and that I could possibly participate in.

The MMSY Program truly taught me so much and allowed me to have incredible experiences that would not have been possible without Mahroo's guidance. I firmly believe I have learned so much about the many cultures that surround me and through meeting so many diverse people with such different backgrounds and having insightful discussions about the places we visited, I gained such a new and revitalized connection with the world. In this program, I also realized so many new perspectives into things I was formally exposed to but not necessarily familiar with.

I learned a lot about the history of the UN and the fact that it started after World War II in order to promote peace within the world. I found this incredibly interesting because although I have made speeches at the United Nations on various commissions, I never fully knew the history of the UN and how it was created. I was able to gain an inside look into the initiatives people within these organizations are making.

As a young girl who considers herself a humanitarian of sorts and has an avid interest in searching for better conditions for children in impoverished countries, I absolutely loved my experience at the UNICEF. Children are the future and I believe as a young girl it is just as much my job to take a stand and create change as it is big organizations job to go to these places and provide better living conditions. By visiting I got a glance at the work being done and I was impressed the programs being implemented by these organizations. We learned about how there is non-stop work towards reaching the Millennium Development Goals and seeing this I gained new drive in my own life to raise money and fundraise for these same causes. This visit interested me the most because I do volunteer work very frequently and take the matters of poverty and compromised living conditions quite personally. I feel as though no child should be left hungry and without a home.

When we visited the Met Museum, and had the pleasure of seeing the Cyrus cylinder which was actually the first written declaration of human rights. This small cylinder completely changed history and witnessing that left me completely awestruck.

What struck me most about the visits to different religious worship places, the vast similarities between all three monotheistic religions. Learning more about each, comparing them, and realizing just how similar they are gave me new insight and further proved to me why each institution should be accepting of one another.

I will definitely apply all I have learned in my daily life by accepting everyone regardless of personal characteristics. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said: "Nothing in life is more dangerous than sincere ignorance." and after this program and clearing up the previous misconceptions I had on various topics I feel as though I can live more honestly and open with all people. By learning of people who are not the same as me I can not only stop making judgments in a split second, but also teach others not to do so either. In the future, I will continue my volunteer work with the constant efforts in improving the world. Ultimately that is my goal in life; to change the world and have an impact for the better. By learning all that I have through this program I feel as though I want to continue expanding my knowledge on my own and continue the efforts that I have started to benefit all people. I highly recommend for all people to join MMSY program and learn about all different cultures and religions in our surrounding world. As a New Yorker who sees so many different cultures in one place but never took the time to learn about the details of each, I thought it was an amazing experience and suggest it to everyone I know.



ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights