I first learned about the MMSY through my mom, and she heard it from the school’s parent coordinator. I honestly did not think too far into my summer plans, so I decided to just go with the flow and may as well try this program.

On the very first day, I met with our group, and much to my surprise, my two elementary school classmates were also there! I was able to deepen our friendship in a new environment, which was a pleasant surprise.


I was always mesmerized by the majesty of the United Nations Headquarters building from the outside. As we entered into the building, I became even more attracted to the place after seeing how everything in the UN works. I was surprised to learn that even though there is no single head-figure in the UN, it still is able to work flawlessly and avoid chaos. When we visited the UNICEF, I reminded myself of the fact that people in this world are nowhere near as fortunate as I am. People in rural place still don’t have the access to basic resources to live off of. I just have to appreciate where I am now, and eventually when I get a stable enough job, I will turn to help the children who is a lot less fortunate.

At the Tolerance Museum, I learned what it means to tolerate others and the reality of level of tolerance in our contemporary world. After watching the final movie within the museum, I just felt hopeless. The film was about the different mass murders, genocides that had happened through the course of our history as humankind. To me it was pretty much a reality check. I’ve lived in this warm and cozy city for far too long, and the stories in the film felt distant, as if they were fake and unreal. I was deeply affected by it and it really took my thoughts away.

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see its new exhibition of the Cyrus Cylinder. This year is the MMSY program’s 10 year anniversary, and coincidentally, the Cylinder is in the New York City this summer. Seeming the piece of art was truly an honor. Well, the Cyrus Cylinder is a very important piece in history because it is said to be the first declaration of religious freedom among people. I was astounded because, I’ve always thought that the Cylinder would be gigantic, but it was not even a foot long. It really amazed me how such a small object can have an impact on our contemporary world so much. I did learn about Cyrus and his greatness within the Global History textbooks that my school had given to us, but seeing an actual historical evidence with my own eyes, is far different and much more “realistic” to me.

We also visited the three different holy places; the Muslim Mosque, Christian Church, and the Jewish Synagogue. As we walk in the three places, we discuss the religions one by one, and at the end, we concluded some of the similarities we saw in the religions. To me, the three seems fairly similar to a degree. So I wondered why there were so many religious wars between these religions? Is the Jewish god different from the Christian god? It was a very intellectually stimulating experience.

Finally, I concluded, using my experience through this program, in order to live in peace and harmony, we first have to understand and learn about one another’s race and religion. They might be more similar then you thought. If no one ever respected each other or try, all it would be is just chaos and violence. This is perhaps the perfect program, (thanks to Mahroo ^O^) for us youth from different backgrounds to come together and just learn, understand, and respect each other. Due to this experience, I feel like I became a better person overall, and I did learn a lot from the other members in the group. Once again, thanks to Mahroo for adding colors to my rather plain summer canvas.



ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights