Before MMSY program, I was your typical teenager on summer vacation from college. Every day was pretty much the same and I wasn’t doing much to better myself as a person. I’d wake up hangout with my friends and then come back home and go to bed. When I first heard about the program I must admit that I didn’t think I was going to get as much out of it as I did.

Tolerance Museum was the most influential part of the program. At the museum we learned so much about unlawful discrimination against race, gender, sexual orientation and religion. What I learned was that, even though we’ve come a long way in this world, there’s still a lot of evil taken place all across the world. Mass genocide, slavery, human trafficking and other horrors occur every day all around the world. What was most interesting to me was that there’s prejudice for all walks of life, and that hate crimes can come from all different shapes and forms.


The trip to the tolerance museum really changed my way of thinking; it made me realize that I should better myself by not judging others. Also, that hating someone for how he or she looks like, or for something they believe in, is wrong. The only thing you should judge is their character because that’s what truly matters in a person. This is a life lesson that I’ll use every day from now on.

When we went to the Metropolitan Museum to look at the Cyrus cylinder and reading the declaration on the cylinder was a very exciting experience because all of our ideas of equality among humans derived from the ideas of this one man. Unfortunately, the cylinder didn’t get the publicity that it deserved while at the Met, and it’s a real shame because it really is history that our youth should learn about.

I took a lot away from MMSY program. I learned to tolerate other cultures and other religions, and also learned that before you judge anyone, you should learn more about them or what they believe in. For example, I didn’t know much about the Muslim culture besides the basic stereotypes that I saw in the media and on the internet. But when we went to the mosque, I realized that the ideals of the Muslim culture are very close to those of Christianity, and it made me wonder why there’s so much hate against that particular culture. As a member of this program, I’ll try to carry out what I learned with my peers. I also feel more comfortable with people of other cultures and religions.

I think that MMSY program really excels in integrating cultures and living in New York City it is a great learning about all the types of people that live here and embracing them with open arms. MMSY program was a great experience for me and if you decided to do it, I promise you will not regret it.



ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights