Before I began MMSY Program, I had had a fairly active summer. At the beginning of July, I was very focused on social activities with friends that were going to leave for the summer. I also went running daily, and read books in my spare time. Then, in mid-July, I left for Florence, Italy, for a two-week program in Florence.

In MMSY program, I learned the general history and structure of the UN. Before this program started, I imagined the UN as one single entity, but throughout MMSY program, learning the different aspects of it and its agencies, I was able to appreciate what the people in the UN agencies do in their daily lives—promoting international dialogue and cooperation— and look beyond the “vague talk” I often heard at events to see the actual action that these institutions take. I also gained more knowledge about the various religions and cultures of our world, and the ways in which it is possible to promote dialogue and cooperation on a personal, rather than global, level. I learned about the many facets of each friend I made on the program; I learned how race and religion are just two of the many characteristics that make up a human being. I learned to pursue others with an open mind, and learn from each individual. I learned that so much diversity exists in my home state of New York—that I was able to meet such a variety of teenagers, right here where I have lived my whole life. Overall, it was an eye-opening and thought-provoking experience, ‘right in my own backyard.

I will apply what I learned on this program in the future by maintaining an open mind in all that I encounter, whether it be with regard to different races, cultures, religions, personalities, etc. I will aim to expose and educate myself, as well as bring back that awareness to my community. I will also keep myself aware on a global level, and work to do what I can about human rights issues that exist all around the world. I will try to expose myself to the more ‘nitty gritty’ aspects of the UN, and try to understand the actual structures that exist to make a difference. 

I was very moved by much of my experience on MMSY program, and I value everything that I have learned. This experience enhanced my summer greatly, and I look forward to seeing how what I experienced here will affect me in the future. Thank you so much Mahroo for a great experience. 



ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights