Before I learned about the Manhattan Multicultural Summer Youth Program, my typical day in Ohio would start around 10 or 11. I would get up have my breakfast and then watch my favorite TV show Gilmore Girls with my sister for an hour. I do admit that sometimes it got a little boring so whenever my sister wanted to go out and do something whether it was with me alone or with our family, I was so bored that I was willing to come along if she let me. Until now, I was unaware that I would no longer have to depend on my sister for something to do. When my other sister, who lives in New York, told me about the summer youth program I was extremely excited about attending. I became highly interested in the program when finding out that the students who participated were given the opportunity to visit the UN and attend meetings. Looking back on it, my sister was really right about this program. It really made me learn a lot more than what I had already known or thought regarding world issues.

The most important thing that I took from this program was to accept others for who they are and not judge them based on what is viewed on the news. For example, this girl in our program was talking about how she always gets asked if she is a terrorist. This made me think about how ignorant others can be towards different cultures.

During the 2nd week of the program we attended all the UN meetings and also participated in the Youth Assembly Conference. . One UN meeting in particular stuck out among the rest. This was the first meeting that mainly focused on a chart of strategies and all outcomes of certain courses of action to execute the Millennium Development Goals of a better education. I could relate to this not only because I am a student, but also because I was born in India and having visited there.  I felt really important in that my ideals were very thoroughly taken into consideration and I had the attention of my group members. That gave me a sense of pride in myself which I still feel today after the program.

I want to stay in India and teach English because the literacy rate is very low. This will be the way that I can influence change dealing with the Millennium Development Goals, specifically with education. Reaching out to the students in India will give them the proper education and confidence to pursue various career paths. These career paths will open doors that will help build a better life for them in the future.



ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights