Before I came to this program, I attended basketball camp for a week and then went away to New Jersey for a  week. Besides that I played video games, went on the computer, or played at the park. So I really didn't do  that many activities involving learning about our nation or the world. I wasn't paying that much attention to any major issues around the world that were going on at the time.  I didn't feel like going to this program because I didn't feel that at my age I would need this information being a high school freshman. However, I soon realized that it may be too late to help these causes. I learned so much from this program. Over the two weeks, I experienced many different organizations taking place now such as the WHO (World Health Org.), Human Rights Organization, and of course, the U. I also learned about several goals the U.N is trying to accomplish.  Major issues the U.N has worked towards are the MDGs ( Millennium Development Goals), which are a set of eight goals that the U.N is trying to achieve by 2015. Some of these goals are an end to world poverty, cure to diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria, increase gender equality, and several more. I think the U.N has done exceptionally well in trying to achieve these goals; but some more than others.

I also learned about many more topics including tobacco usage around the world, UNICEF and its purposes, how the U.N was started and why, and many more. All in all, the knowledge that I gained from this program has changed my view on the U.N and world issues and that we students can make a major difference on this planet. There are so many ways that I can apply what I have learned in this program and at the U.N. One thing that I can do will be coming up, the Stand Up Against Poverty. This is a worldwide call to show you and your school's support to end world poverty and to achieve the MDGs. It begins on October 17 and will end on the 19th.

Last year for example, over 43 million people around the world stood up to make a difference. On these  days, I will join my school in Stand Up and take action. Another thing I will do is get my school and friends more informed on these issues. Many of my friends have no clue of what the MDGs are and what they stand for. By informing, my family, and my school on what they are, they will be informed and tell others. I can also stay informed about current news. Like I said, before participating in this program, I wasn't paying all that much attention to current news. However, I learned that by staying informed on news, I will have a better understanding on what is going on around the world. One final thing I can do is to start clubs, institutions, etc. that promote aiding world crises. Also teaching others how to advocate these issues, so more students may be informed.

In conclusion, there is so much that we citizens can do to promote world peace. To sum it all up, I had an extraordinary experience in the Manhattan Multicultural Summer Youth Program. This program has revealed to me that we, the youth of America and the world, can make a change in our society. No matter whether it is starting a club with a focus to reduce child mortality, or talking to your friends and family about a starving family in Sub-Saharan Africa, we are making a difference in the lives of those in need. 


ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights