Before attending the MMSY Program I was at school. I was intrigued with the insights my friend shared with me, who had attended the MMSY program last year. I knew I wanted to experience it as well. I had previous knowledge about the United Nations, because I am apart of the Model United Nations Club at school and I also took an International Relations course. I was happy to come with a prior knowledge. Yet, what I knew is what others have said (teachers) it was great having the opportunity to experience the "ins" and !outs" of the UN and creating my own view.

The MMSY program began on a very quick start. It was as if we were running and weren't going to stop. I really enjoyed our interactive sessions. I learned that the first deployment of peacekeeper was in the late 1950s. There are many current operations such as: MINUSTAH, UNFICYP, UNMIS, and many more; they also have many partnerships. I learned about the difficulties in being a peacekeeper, about $1100 is spent per month per peacekeeping solider, which is a reason why many countries find it difficult to send troops. Another fact I learned was that there are many ways you would be a peacekeeper; you do not necessarily have to be a soldier, you maybe a lawyer, or any other profession. "It may look like war but it is peacekeeping" � (MONUC FC, May 2005). And, unfortunately 129 peacekeepers died last year from roadside bombs, car accidents, and diseases.

We visited the Tolerance Center, which was very interesting. I never knew this gem of an exhibition existed in NYC till Marhoo brought us there. The most shocking was the amount of unknown racist web pages and games that people may not notice, and some people may miss read them and use the information as fact. At UNICEF, we learned about child trafficking, and global warming. We did many activates, too many to discuss. It was very interactive and far from boring. I found the Youth Assembly to be very useful, especially, for contacts. For example, I developed many relationships with people helping spread education about the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals).

I do not plan on having a career with the United Nations. But, it is so important to know what is happening in the world because it is like dominos - every country is affected by another. That is why the MMSY Program is so necessary especially for the youth. The youth is the future, so if we plan on changing the way our world is operating it is vital to reach out to the youth. We are in a world full of different cultures. This program opened my horizons. We saw different spiritual places, like a Church, Synagogue, and Mosque, some of which I have never been before. I am now motivated to change the world we live in today. The MMSY program made me realize that one person has the power to make a difference. I plan on doing so; I am going to start by implementing The Stand Up Initiative - it is a program that the United Nations uses to raise awareness of the extreme poverty in the world along with the other MDGs. I want to bring this back to my school, to watch the touching videos on youtube, along with a possible dance that we would be able to raise money for all the people in need of food and shelter. I am now more than ever aware of the people around me, their cultures and differences and I accept them. I am willing to learn more that is why, if time allows it, I would love to participate next year.



ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights. 

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights